• Natural Health
    The Hab Shifa range of products are the first black seed products to be listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia, and to be manufactured and packed here in Australia.
  • Tea
    Axpo’s signature brand of tea T-sips, is sourced from the finest tea-growing regions in Sri Lanka. T-sips has received world-wide acclaim for its fine taste, high quality and premium packaging of tea.
  • Organic Dried Fruit
    As an importer of high quality organic dried fruit, we offer a range of organic fruit products that may otherwise be difficult or costly to source locally. Our range of organic dried fruit products are certified and undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure only premium quality products reach our customers
  • Waste Paper
    As a leading broker and exporter of waste paper, we have established long-term relationships with our local and international clients and are committed to providing our customers with the best possible waste paper products.
About AXPO
Axpo Pty Ltd was established in 2009, and in the span of a year, has rapidly diversified to include a range of products as part of its product line. Axpo Pty Ltd currently specialises in organic dried fruit, tea, natural health products and waste paper.

The ongoing success of Axpo can be attributed to its competitive prices, exceptional service and the backing of reputable and well-established suppliers. Consisting of a dedicated and innovative team, Axpo aspires to further diversify its product line and become a key player in the Australian market.