Why choose T-sips?

T-sips is sourced from the finest tea-growing regions in Sri Lanka, delivering customers only the finest tasting and highest quality tea.


Strict quality control in the manufacturing of T-sips teas has been principally delegated to a workforce of enthusiastic, experienced and qualified personnel. With a combined experience of over 100 years, our tea tasters ensure our customers get the best of the Ceylon teas. Their task is assisted by the high-tech state-of-the-art machinery and the other latest communication systems. Every shipment goes through consistent quality checks prior to each shipment, ensuring only the highest quality teas make it to their destination.


T-sips is sourced from one of the top exporters of tea in Sri Lanka- Expo Teas, a key player in the global tea industry. Expo Teas has fast gained a global reputation for its immense volume of tea exports in a variety of countries. Since 2005, Expo Teas has consistently ranked as one of the top ten exporters of tea in the country, and received an accolade of awards including ‘most outstanding exporter’ for its premium quality of tea.

International safety compliance

We are ISO 22000 and GMP certified for our compliances with international standards in food manufacturing practices, while being presented with ISO 9001 for standardized business processes, thus ensuring quality control in every facet of our business, where at the end of it all, is a pleased client or customer.

Backed by recognition and quality, we invite you to embark on the T-sips experience. Available in bulk, loose-leaf and tea bag forms in a variety of flavours, we guarantee the T-sips experience is a journey you won’t want to end.